Volunteer Spotlight
by Pam Hartmann, Organization committee

Letisha Brinkley, SOA Board member and Promotion Chair

"I remember when I would come to visit my Grandad in the summer, he would take me and my siblings to Athens Limestone Drugs for an ice cream cone."

These are the childhood memories that linger forever in the back of one's mind-   a trip to downtown Athens with Grandad on a sultry, summer afternoon for a special treat.   Seen through the eyes of a child, this magic moment was one of many memories that kept calling local realtor Latisha Brinkley back to Athens.  Although born in Huntsville, Letisha's family moved to California when she was two, and she remained there until her late teens.  When  faced with the choice of where to live  upon her move back to the area, she remembered  how she loved the "old time charm and warmth that Athens offers."  Like so many natives, Brinkley admits that it wasn't until she grew up that she came to truly appreciate and acknowledge the beauty of Athens.

Spending time with friends downtown, eating lunch and going shopping in the many boutiques on the square reminded Brinkley how much of a treasure the area offered.  She credits Trisha Black- S.O.A  Director and Diane Lehr- S.O.A. Organization Committee Chair with igniting her desire to get involved with Spirit of Athens, after seeing how passionate they were for the program.

Enthusiastic about her decision, Brinkley stated  "I believe in what Spirit of Athens stands for. I support this program because of what if offers the community and also because of the awesome people that serve in it."

 Brinkley was invited to be on the board of Spirit of Athens in January of 2011 and is now serving as Promotions chairperson.  So what is the Promotions committee all about?  Brinkley summed it up perfectly-  "We are the mouth of the south, so to speak!  It's our job to promote the downtown as a whole, support downtown businesses and promote events downtown.  I believe in the heart of a community and when the heart is beating, the rest of the body can survive!  The downtown area is the heart of Athens."

Letisha recently celebrated her 13th wedding anniversary with her husband Kenny Brinkley of Kenny's Kutz.  They are proud parents to Jamie, Skye and Hannah.  Kenny shares his wife's love of downtown Athens and is owner of Brinkley Ink Screenprinting.

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