Start of a New Year

Welcome 2010!

Despite this dreadful weather, SOA is kicking off 2010 in a big way.

First by spreading the news of downtown businesses reporting increased and in some cases record sales during the holidays. I wish I could indulge percentages--it would blow your mind--but I was told by some of the businesses not to flaunt actual numbers. (Southern grace, you can't beat it). You can read what businesses had to say in an article in today's News Courier.

Also, the Organization Committee met last week and has a lot going on. This month, the Organization committee will launch the first printed newsletter, S.O.A.P (Spirit of Athens publication). This will be a great tool to communicate with more people in the community. Hopefully, it will be printed and inserted in the local paper quarterly. So be checking out the News Courier or looking in your mailbox. (If you are not a member and would like to have a copy mailed to you, email me at tblack@athensal.us). Other projects planned for this committee is organizing the annual meeting January 28, and kicking off a "healthy downtown" campaign due to kick off this Spring. Organization committee members include Diane Lehr (Chair), Amanda Romine (Membership Coordinator), Pamela Hartmann (Volunteer Coordinator), Wyn Heisler (SOA Treasurer), Teresa Higgins, and Lisa Milby. This is a hard working group and I am grateful to their dedication to SOA.

Also this month, you'll see a "Park it Free" campaign kicked off. You often hear that there isn't enough parking, well Brent Hobbs (webmaster and graphic design guru) has designed post cards showing all available downtown parking spaces and lots. This is due to launch in the next few weeks.

So much...and it's only JANUARY. Stay tuned...