Time for a lil' braggin'

Organization committee- Teresa Higgins, Patti Whitaker (chair), Me, Diane Lehr, guest-Mike Brand, and Amanda Romine, Membership Coordinator. Not in photo, but taking picture - Alissa Rose-Clark.

Members and volunteers are the driving force behind SOA. I have been encouraged by the number of interesting and talented people that I get to work with - it is rewarding to say the least. SOA's newly formed Organization rocks and I am energized every time we have a work session. Their responsiblities include public relations, coordinating volunteers, recruiting members, and organizing fundraisers. In the works...publication of S.O.A.P- the first SOA print newsletter, a membership drive, Southern Shorts Film Festival Preview Party, and more!! So watch out for these ladies - they are on a roll!

It is also been a pleasure working with SOA's new webmaster, myspace administrator, and graphic design guru, Brent Hobbs. Got anything you want designed? Email Brent. He'll whip it up in a flash.

Thank you for supporting SOA!

Thank you to those that attended the Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A. Also a big shout out to Teresa Higgins and Teresa Todd for their help in organizing and promoting this event.


"Spirit" Night at Chick-fil-A

Ever wonder what you can do to help SOA? Make a purchase at Chick-fil-A tomorrow night, mention Spirit of Athens and you'll be contributing to the organization. Chick-fil-A has graciously agreed to give SOA 10% of the proceeds of sales during 5-8 pm, but remember to mention SOA!! SOA doesn't get the credit unless you give us a "shout out." Thank you in advance and I hope to see you there!


Chick-fil-A in Athens
"Spirit" Night
Tuesday, July 28
5 PM- 8 PM


Spirit is in the air...

Cruizin the Square Reunion from May

You would not believe the number of people that showed up to Cruise downtown on May 30! Not growing up in Athens, I did not know what to expect. Well...people from all ages showed up and it was FUN! Who'd thought circling the courthouse square could be so amusing? Mike Scott, a local resident and "Cruiser," collected $410 for SOA. The money will be put in a future Facade Improvement Grant Program.

Enjoy photos taken by Alissa Rose-Clark. The sweet couple, Mr. & Mrs. Irons, is shown in an earlier post when they cruised in the 1950s.

Win this painting!!

Carole Foret, local artist and business owner, has graciously donated this painting to be given away at the Art on the Square Silent Auction August 8. For a $10 donation, you get to attend the auction as well as be entered for the drawing. You do not have to be present to win, but, believe me...this is an event you don't want to miss. The number of applicants for the 4th Annual Art on the Square festival, held on the courthouse lawn September 12, doubled this year and most will donate a piece for the auction. Bring your friends, sip some wine and buy LOCAL art!!

For more information, call 256.444.8156 (leave a message) or email artonthesquare@hotmail.com. Or mail your check to Art on the Square, P.O. Box 1560, Athens, AL, 35612. Be sure to include your contact information.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Art on the Square Silent Auction
August 8, 6:30-9 PM
Carole Foret Fine Art Gallery
Downtown Athens


What others are saying about SOA and Downtown Athens...

I received this email today from Sherry Harper Coleman:

"I grew up in Athens. I love Athens and appreciate all the hard work that the Spirit of Athens group does to keep Athens alive. My husband, daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter were visiting my Dad and stepmother, over the 4th of July weekend. After a great morning with my sister-in-law's family at their annual 4th of July breakfast, we met my brother and his wife for dinner on the square on the evening of the 4th. We had a wonderful dinner at Luvici's. The food was delicious and their waitstaff was very friendly and helpful. Our waitress held our granddaughter while we enjoyed our food. You don't find that in too many places!!! Then we enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the square to look at all of the cars on display. It brought back a lot of good memories. We also attended the AU/ALA spirit day last year. We ate at [Tortillas] Blanco and enjoyed our lunch that day, also. I hope we can time our visits so we can enjoy more of the events that you have planned throughout the year."

Sincerely, Sherry Harper Coleman, Olive Branch, MS


Marketing 101 - Carole Style

Enjoying Carole's workshop on tapping into the world of social media. What am I learning? I need to blog more (Amanda also told me this). So...this is my pledge to blog! I promise!

Now I am officially a "lovecat."