Downtown Restaurant Makes Grown Men Cry

Step into Wing Zilla Grill on any Tuesday night and see big, burly men with sweaty foreheads, and crying eyes trying to endure 10 of the hottest wings on the menu.  Why? What’s at stake? For those that can handle the heat, a free meal, dessert and an inflated ego.

Owner, Kuang Stophel, (please call her Roxanne), opened in late November at 102 East Washington Street at the former Easter’s Cafe and later the Tavern’s location.  Ms. Stophel is already building up a steady and regular clientele, many of which recognize her from previously owning Cricket’s in Madison, Alabama. 
Dell Roberts, Athens resident and self proclaimed wing connoisseur, said he and his buddies travel to different restaurants just to try the wings and participate in wing contests like the downtown fire challenge in Cullman.  “After eating one of (Wing Zilla’s) hottest wings, I knew I just couldn’t make it through the contest.” Having found the right temperature now, he returns regularly and is sure to leave room for the homemade peanut butter pie.  “You just have to try the pie, it’s great.”

Josh Wilbanks, also an Athens resident and friend of Roberts, adds, “These are the best wings in North Alabama.”
Stophel offers quality food in a casual atmosphere.  “Our wings are never frozen and we use soybean oil for frying,” said Stophel.  “If I won’t eat it, I won’t serve it.” 

Wings are not the only item on the menu.  Items include cheesy fries, fried pickles, salads, burgers, chicken sandwiches, ribs, homemade apple roll, and more.

Wing Zilla Grill is open Monday through Friday 11-2 PM, Monday through Thursday 5-8:30 PM, Friday 5-9:30 PM, and Saturday 11-9:30 PM.  Take out platters and catering is also available.  For more information, call Wing Zilla Grill at 256-232-7746.

Roxanne with welcome gift from Spirit of Athens

Variety of beverages available

Peanut butter pie


Carole Demonstrates Toning a Canvas

Photographer visits Downtown Athens

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Organization member blogs about Spirit Luncheon

Amanda Romine has volunteered and served on the Organization committee for almost two years. She's amazing and can plan a good party.  Read her blog about the Spirit Awards Luncheon held earlier this week.  Amanda, along with Lisa Milby, Teresa Higgins, and Diane Lehr planned an incredible luncheon.  Pamela Hartmann did some great PR leading up to the event as well.  My hats off to them all!




Spirit of Athens is pleased to offer the facade improvement grant program to businesses and property owners in Downtown Athens, Alabama. The grant will offer financial assistance to offset the cost of painting, lighting, signage, awnings and other improvements to the exterior of buildings within the program area.

“The (SOA) Board realizes it can be costly to restore and maintain historic buildings,”
said Derrick Young, Spirit of Athens Board President. “This grant will hopefully help those
business and property owners that have committed and invested in our downtown.”
In 2010, Gray and Holt Dry Goods received $1000 for painting the building facade and
replacing their sign. With Gray and Holt serving as the pilot program, it allowed SOA to go
through the process and work out any issues or questions.

The grant application will be available to Spirit of Athens members that are business
owners or property owners with income producing commercial space. The Design committee
will review the applications. If approved, the applicant will receive up to $1000 after work is

The funding for the grant program consist of donations from Bank Independent, Carole
Foret Fine Art, 2009 Cruising the Square Reunion, and Limestone Chapel.
Applications are available on SOA’s website, www.spiritofathens.com. For more
information, contact Trisha Black at 256-232-9040.