Art on the Square Merges with Spirit of Athens

Art On The Square Art League is merging with Spirit of Athens, the downtown revitalization organization in Athens. Art on the Square will become an arts committee under the umbrella of the SOA organization.

The Art On The Square and Spirit of Athens boards saw this merger as an opportunity to focus on the arts in community year-round, rather than primarily during an annual festival. This union will provide more opportunities to host art events at various times throughout the year and to work toward establishment of an arts incubator in Athens. Art On the Square has been in existence for over seven years providing a fine arts festival for the community around The Square.

Diane Lehr, president of Art On the Square Arts League states, “This is a great opportunity for both organizations to work for the good of the City. Our mission remains the same even though our focus will change. We seek to strengthen our community by promoting art education, supporting the work of artists, and bringing cultural events to the area. The vast majority of our current AOTS board will serve on the SOA arts committee. We look forward to this new chapter.”