Board Member Elections

If you are a member of SOA, then you should have received a ballot in the mail with names of members who are on the slate for board member positions.  Please take time and vote and send in your choices!  Deadline to have them in the SOA office is March 9th, with results being announced at the Annual Member Meeting on March 10th. If you are not a member and wish to join SOA in order to vote so that you can have your voice heard in Athens, then join us!  Call the SOA office and see how to join: 278-6436.  For individuals it is as low as $25.
The names on the ballot that will be filling 2 positions are:
Bill Ming
Lana Boyer
Bland Allen
Leigh Key
Tony McCormack

Carole Foret on WHNT News

If you missed Athens artist Carole Foret and her husband Todd (avWORKS ) on the live show on Robert On The Road Monday morning, you can see the clips here that were filmed by clicking the links below. Thanks to Robert Reeves for coming out and doing a great job for Carole AND for the city of Athens!