Time for a lil' braggin'

Organization committee- Teresa Higgins, Patti Whitaker (chair), Me, Diane Lehr, guest-Mike Brand, and Amanda Romine, Membership Coordinator. Not in photo, but taking picture - Alissa Rose-Clark.

Members and volunteers are the driving force behind SOA. I have been encouraged by the number of interesting and talented people that I get to work with - it is rewarding to say the least. SOA's newly formed Organization rocks and I am energized every time we have a work session. Their responsiblities include public relations, coordinating volunteers, recruiting members, and organizing fundraisers. In the works...publication of S.O.A.P- the first SOA print newsletter, a membership drive, Southern Shorts Film Festival Preview Party, and more!! So watch out for these ladies - they are on a roll!

It is also been a pleasure working with SOA's new webmaster, myspace administrator, and graphic design guru, Brent Hobbs. Got anything you want designed? Email Brent. He'll whip it up in a flash.

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Brent said...


Thanks for the shout out and publicity.

I like that title "graphic design guru"....think I will have that put on a nameplate or something.......