Residents will soon see 16 new banners downtown made possible by a donation from Athens Rotary Club.  The "Square" banner was designed by Arnett Muldrow & Associates during the city branding campaign conducted last fall.  The 30 x 30 banners will replace the current banners downtown.  When asked during focus group work sessions, the attendees said they referred the downtown area as "The Square."  Ben Muldrow of Arnett Muldrow & Associates, said the new image "embraced the local vernacular." 

The Athens Rotary Club is also funding 16 new Christmas banners that will use another image created during the city branding campaign. 

Three new bike racks should be in place in the next 6-8 weeks.  Keep Athens Limestone Beautiful sponsored two racks and West End Outdoors sponsored one.  The racks will be placed near Village Pizza, Limestone Drug, and the Center for Lifelong Learning.   

Spirit of Athens appreciates these sponsors in making these improvements projects possible in our downtown.  

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