Volunteer Spotlight
Pam Hartmann, SOA Organization Committee and Downtown Fan!
Pam Hartmann
"Even though I live on the river and teach Retrobics Dance and Fitness classes at The Rec Center,I love to come downtown to do my shopping, lunching,and volunteering.I am originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and I understand the importance of preserving culture and history. The Square is the center of the culture and history in this community."

Married to her husband,John,who works for TVA, Pam loves to bring their adult children to downtown Athens, after a day on the river. According to Pam, one cannot find the same sort of unique downtown experience anywhere else. Pam enjoys the sense of place and belonging to the community that she feels in downtown Athens on ' The Square.'

She says that her love for community is only made larger by the passion she has witnessed in other volunteers with Spirit of Athens. " I have met some wonderful people working with Spirit of Athens. Having this challenge has given me fuller days when I get homesick for my kids and my homestate of Louisiana. Right now,the Organization Committee, is focused and working hard on the upcoming Athens Grease Festival; and although this is the first year,we are excited to see everyone having fun planning the Greek activities and the Southern fried foods."

Pam credits Trisha Black- S.O.A  Director with keeping her challenged and engaged in the Spirit of Athens projects. She enjoys the Organization Committee, which is tasked with attracting volunteers and resources to SOA. "Working with Spirit of Athens, I have been asked to write articles, choreograph dances, ask people to be major sponsors of events, encourage volunteers, and help set up a huge annual meeting and luncheon. I know that I am contributing toward making my immediate community a better place to live," Pam says. 

"Revitalizing a downtown district is important work. I encourage everyone to get involved with Spirit of Athens, in order to see the downtown lit up, literally and metaphorically."

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