CRANK OFF Ice Cream Making Contest Rules and Registration

Spirit of Athens Homemade Ice Cream Crank-Off

On Saturday, August 21, from 10:30 AM - 12 PM, visitors to the downtown square can share in all the free Homecoming activities, and sample refreshing, homemade ice cream made right there on the spot in a "Crank Off."  The Spirit of Athens sponsored competition will be held in conjunction with the Athens Homecoming Celebration downtown and open to the public. Don’t miss your chance to take the title for having the best homemade ice cream recipe and claim your place in the history books of Athens! 

The public gets to sample the ice cream beginning at 10:30 AM and will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite. Bring your family, co-workers, friends, Sunday School classes and all Ice Cream Experts to cast a vote for the BEST HOMEMADE ICE CREAM IN ATHENS!

Awards and prizes will be presented to the Grand Prize Winner and Best Booth.  Two reasons to get in the Ice Cream Spirit!  There will be a publicity photo distributed to the local media and posted on SOA’s website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter, and any other place we can post it.


There is a $15.00 fee to participate, and you MUST pre-register.  You can call, email, snail mail, send by pony express if you like, just make sure we have it by August 18th.  

Email: rnbullit@aol.com Phone: 256-656-6588 Mail: Spirit of Athens Offices, 107 N. Jefferson, Athens, AL, 35611.

Although we would prefer participants to use a good, old-fashioned Manual Ice Cream Maker (Come on, it’s a CRANK-OFF!), limited spots with electricity will be available.  We must know if you need access prior to event.  Please provide your own heavy-duty extension cord.

Booth size is limited to 12X12.  Plan to arrive by 9am with an ice cream freezer, and enough pre-mixed ingredients for 2 Gallons. We also need your recipe written on an index card to verify its safety. NO Raw Eggs, No Way!!  Pasteurized milk and pasteurized eggs only.

Remember any fruit used must be thoroughly washed ahead of time. All contestants will have hand sanitizer provided. All ingredients must be kept in an iced cooler. Ice will be furnished by Spirit of Athens.

Hungry folks will be tasting from 10:30-12pm (or till the ice cream runs out!)
Make sure to give your Ice Cream a snazzy, fun name. Why do you think Ben & Jerry’s Chunky-Monkey ice cream is so popular??   Just because it tastes good??? 

Return entry form along with check payable in the amount of $15 to:

Spirit of Athens
107 North Jefferson Street
Athens, AL  35611


Organization Name (if applicable)__________________________________


Phone number____________________Email_________________________

Name of Ice Cream______________________ (Be creative)

Need electricity?   Y    or    N


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